The Muse Is Strong In This One

I’m going to be up front about this. I don’t enjoy watching Citizen Kane. I understand the innovations that it brought to Cinema, but I don’t think it’s a very good film. It’s decent sure, but the best movie ever made? I wouldn’t say so. 

Whenever people defend Citizen Kane to me, it’s often with the merit that it brought to the movies. “It changed the way people make movies!” With that argument, I can understand where they’re coming from, but if you look at the Top 10 lists of best movies ever (AFI’s is the most famous) it’s filled with movies from a long gone era. So long gone that movies like The Artist can win Best Picture based on nostalgia (whole other debate)!

When people list the best technology of all time, the items are usually fairly recent. iPhones, Xboxes, and other inventions lead the pack, because technology…

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